Name: Duff
Breed: Cairn Terrier / Mini Aussie
Gender: Neutered Male  
Age: Approx. 5 yrs 2 mos in June’18
Weight: 16.4 lbs
Energy Level: Medium  
Apartment Appropriate:  Yes
Good w/ Dogs:  Should be ok with mellow dogs or would be fine as an only
Good w/ Cats:  Was good meeting a cat in an office
Good w/ Kids:  Good with calm, gentle kids age 10 yrs and over who understand his boundaries

Duff is a friendly, happy little guy! He came into a rural shelter as a stray, and nobody ever came to pick him up. We can’t imagine why, as he is absolutely wonderful. We think that Duff’s former owners kept him in an outdoor dog run all the time. He has worn all the small teeth between his canines down to nubs and his bottom canines are shaped like genie bottles, and our vet let us know that only happens when a dog has repeatedly chewed on some kind of cage or fence. The way he dashes past you at doors and gates and his disinterest in going out in the yard without us to do his business is why we think the outdoor dog run was likely. He’s inside now and loving every minute of it! Duff loves people and can’t get enough of being petted. He adores any kind of gentle attention and laying near you and getting belly rubs. Duff does not care for being roughhoused, and he will air snap if he gets scared. He gives lots of warnings when he is uncomfortable, which is great, so a home with with people who understand dog language will suit him best.
Duff so wants to please you and make you happy. He will come up to anyone and loves meeting new people when we go for walks or places like the dog bakery (his favorite!). He has a thick, double coat that we had to shave due to excessive matting along his back, so his new family will need to brush him regularly. The groomer said he was a wonderful client, so that’s a bonus. Double coated dogs blow their coat a few times a year, and when we met Duff, his undercoat was coming out in fist fulls! This is why we think that he may have mini Aussie in his breed background, and his new family will need to be prepared for this. We have not seen lots of shedding since his grooming, so he doesn’t throw hair around all the time. With his thick coat, he gets hot pretty easily, so we’ve moved to walking him in the morning before his breakfast. He really loves his walks even if they are short and is such a good boy.
Duff also loves TOYS. He loves to play fetch and squeak his squeaky toys. Duff has been doing great with doing his business outside, but will need to follow a program for the first few weeks in his new home and will likely have a few accidents. He gets along well with the small dogs in his foster home and his foster grandma’s home, and has been very friendly towards several small and medium dogs he has met on leash in public. He greeted a large, female Weimeraner at the dog bakery and was fine, but definitely did not care for a Doberman at the vet’s office, so we aren’t sure about large dogs. I suspect a mellow, friendly dog of any size would be ok. If you want Duff to be your only dog, we think he could enjoy that, too. He met a cat at the shelter off leash and sniffed it and walked away, so we feel he would be ok around adult cats, but we don’t know about kittens. He is absolutely not safe to have around birds or small mammals like pocket pets. We have seen his terrier hunting instincts in action and he is true to the Cairn breed. All Duff really wants is a gentle person or people who will love him. He is a very easy keeper and brings a lot of joy wherever he goes. He is VERY quiet in the house and hardly ever barks, but will alert you when it’s appropriate. For this reason, I think he could do great in an apartment/duplex/townhome. The vet was very impressed by his overall health and fitness. If you’d like to see a video of Duff in action, click the video by his photos above. If you think Duff sounds like your perfect fit, please fill out an application!