Name: Fancy
Breed: Rat Terrier
Gender: Spayed Female  
Age: Adult
Weight: Approx. 9 lbs 
Energy Level: Medium
Apartment Appropriate:  No apartments
Good w/ Dogs:  Best with either very calm dogs or on her own
Good w/ Cats: Unknown
Good w/ Kids:  NO KIDS, PLEASE (This includes regular visits of children to your home)
Comments:  Fancy is a spayed adult female Rat Terrier. She was pulled from a home with multiple dogs and an owner who could not properly care for her. Because of her past, she has some personality quirks. She gets nippy with both people and dogs when overstimulated, so will only be placed in a calm, adult-only home without regular children visitors and with plenty of dog experience. Despite having lived with us for quite a while, Fancy just doesn’t care for men, even her gentle foster daddy. She will do better living with women, or a home with a man who doesn’t mind being fussed at.