Name: Niñez
Breed: Chihuahua mix (possibly some Schnauzer and/or terrier)
Gender: Spayed Female


Age: Approx. 2 yr 9 mos in April ’18
Weight: Approx. 7.5 lbs 
Energy Level: High
Apartment Appropriate:


No apartments (very loud)
Good w/ Dogs


Fine with small dogs, seems fine with larger dogs
Good w/ Cats:


Unknown, but would probably pester them


Good w/ Kids:


Best in adult home due to the fact that she’s easily startled
Comments: Niñez and her sister, Nacha, were an unwanted litter from a family with unaltered pets. After the family agreed to spay and neuter, we agreed to help these girls find their forever homes. We know their mother was a Chihuahua mix, but their loud barks and shrieks tell us there is likely some Schnauzer or terrier in there somewhere. We are not sure what their adult size will be, but they will likely be on the larger side of small. Niñez will not be placed in a home with her sister (they are already showing signs of littermate syndrome), but she absolutely must have another dog in her forever home who can tolerate the extremely high energy level of this growing puppy. At their first adoption showing, Niñez was slightly shyer about meeting new people than her sister, but this often changes after siblings are separated. Her people will need to be prepared for the level of training required and the boundless energy this little girl has. Neither of these two sisters would be appropriate for first-time dog owners. A puppy class would do wonders for her confidence and socialization. Niñez is a very busy little girl, and though she will tolerate being held and cuddled for a short bit, she’s quickly ready to move onto the next exciting thing she can find to get into. She may grow to be a lapdog some day, but by her drive and energy level, we would guess that day is a long way off!   If you have the love of puppies and the energy and patience to keep up with this little one required to give her the forever home she deserves, please fill out an application to meet Niñez today!