Name: PeeWee
Breed: Chihuahua
Gender: Neutered Male
Age: Approx. 3 yrs 7 mos in April ’18
Weight: Approx. 7 lbs
Energy Level: High
Apartment Appropriate: No
Good w/ Dogs Doesn’t have great doggie social skills, so would need a tolerant small, female dog sibling if there’s a second dog in the house. PeeWee does not like large dogs.
Good w/ Cats:
Unknown, but would probably pester them
Good w/ Kids: Prefers adults, but may be fine with respectful teenagers.
Comments: PeeWee is such a cutie pie! We are just mad about his beautiful, radar-dish ears. 🙂 He is a young, active dog with LOTS of energy. He likes to play, but doesn’t seem to know all the rules, so if there’s another pup in the house, it will probably need to be a  dog PeeWee’s size or only slightly larger that can accept his unintentional rudeness. PeeWee really dislikes larger dogs and needs to be kept away from them so he doesn’t get himself into trouble. He does much better with the female dog buddies in his foster home, too. Despite PeeWee’s energy level, he feels better when his environment is relatively calm. He tends to overstimulate when too much is going on and get a little overwrought. He really loves his people and is such a kissy boy. A massive bonus with this kiddo is he is completely crate trained, and you can take him straight outside after his crate time and he’ll do his business. He should do very well in his forever home if his new family continues this routine. PeeWee has not been too keen on the young people he has met so far, so will probably be happiest in an all-adult home. PeeWee is hoping to find someone who wants to play a while and then snuggle in front of the tv. If you’d like to give PeeWee the home he’s wishing for, please fill out an application to meet him today!