Name: Rudy 
Breed: Scruffy McCutiepants!
Gender: Neutered Male  
Age: Approx. 6 yrs 11 mos in Jan ’16
Weight: Approx. 7 lbs 
Energy Level: Medium  
Apartment Appropriate:  Yes
Good w/ Dogs:  No large dogs, but will need another small, friendly dog to be his buddy
Good w/ Cats:  No
Good w/ Kids:  Would probably be fine with calm, respectful kids age 12 yrs and over
Comments: Rudy had a rough start, but he’s enjoying today and looking forward to forever with his own family. Rudy came from a hoarding situation. You’ve probably seen them on tv- people with way too many animals and too little time and resources to care for them properly. Most dogs in hoarder homes aren’t physically abused, but they are neglected, receiving little to no individual attention, affection, or touch. This is what life was like for Rudy.  As a result, Rudy is wonderful with other small dogs, but it takes him a few minutes to trust that you aren’t going to hurt him before he’s ready to approach a new person, and certain people and energies make him uncomfortable. If one of his dog buddies thinks you’re ok, he comes around much faster, so we want to make sure that he has another smallish, friendly dog in his forever home to be his good example. You would think that Rudy would hate physical attention, but it’s just the opposite. This precious boy with the rockin’ hairdo is so very sweet. When our photographer came to take these pictures, she sat down on the floor with the dogs and Rudy barked and ran around. Then he saw his buddy, Pip, was getting an awful lot of attention from that scary lady, and she seemed less scary. After a few minutes, Rudy was gently asking her for attention, sitting next to her, and even asking for a belly rub before falling asleep. The next time she came by, Rudy was barking at her again, but because she was giving the attention that he wanted to another dog! He even sat on her lap for a long time after the picture session was over. If he’s given that initial time to decide to trust you, he’s such a loving, loyal companion. If you’d like to see a video of Rudy, please click here. Rudy deserves to spend the rest of his life getting the attention he missed out on during that first phase of his life. If you’d like to be the lucky person to give him that attention, please fill out an application today!