Name: Tui
Breed: Shih Tzu
Gender: Spayed Female  
Age: Approx. 6 yrs 1 mos in Dec. ’16
Weight: Approx. 8.4 lbs (but will gain a little before leaving)
Energy Level: Unknown
Apartment Appropriate:  Unknown
Good w/ Dogs:  Unknown
Good w/ Cats: Unknown
Good w/ Kids:  Unknown
Comments:   Tui is why we do rescue, but why we sometimes hate rescue. She was dumped in a small-town animal shelter. Her skin was raw in places, a lot of hair missing, skin is peeling off, and she felt miserable. Surprisingly, no mange mites were detected by the vet in multiple skin scrapings, but her skin was severely infected, and oozing blood in multiple places. We will be treating her skin issues with antibiotics, grain-free food, immune- and skin-building supplements, and medicated baths. Hopefully the steroid shot she got the vet gave her will help her feel less itchy and heal quickly. She’s already gotten a lot less red and her skin looks calmer in the time she’s been with us. Tui appears otherwise to be in good physical shape- her teeth are pretty clean for her estimated 6 yr age, she loves to be cuddled, and she gives sweet kisses.  At 8.4#, she is a bit thin-hopefully good food and vet care will reverse the damage that has been done. We will postpone shots and heartworm testing until she is looking and feeling a lot better. Stayed tuned for updates on this sweet girl. We will accept applications on Tui, but be prepared to wait. She won’t be going anywhere until she’s much healthier.