Adoption Process


Please understand that we do our best to match the right dog with the right people so that everyone involved has the best chance at a happy ever after. Some people have told us that adopting a pet is as complicated as adopting a child, and while that’s not quite true, we take it as a compliment! You are adopting a member of your family that could live to be seventeen years old (if we’re extremely lucky!), so the process is important. We don’t adopt out dogs as gifts for someone else, we don’t adopt dogs out to homes wishing to keep them as ‘outdoor dogs’, and everyone in the home must be on board with the adoption.  This group is run entirely by volunteers who not only work hard for the dogs, but in their daily lives, so please be patient with us if you don’t hear back immediately. We reserve the right to deny adoption for any reason.

All persons wishing to adopt one of our dogs must do the following:

– Be at least 21 years of age and willing/able to provide the necessary daily care and yearly medical care that an adopted animal requires.

– Live within the North Texas to southernmost Oklahoma area.

– Submit an Application: Please fill out the entire application.

– Agree to a Veterinary Reference: We will call your current or past veterinarian and ask about your current and previous pets.  It helps exponentially if you call your vet in advance and give your permission for them to give out the needed information.

– Agree to a Home Visit: A volunteer will come to your home, preferably when all people living in the home can be present, and view your home and your yard (when applicable). We do this so that we can prevent issues, such as fixing a hole in the fence that the dog could escape through, or recommending moving toxic plants out of reach, etc.

– Pay an Adoption Fee: We try to keep adoption fees reasonable, but please understand that you are adopting a dog that has been spayed/neutered, is fully vaccinated and heartworm tested, and in many cases, has had dental work done. Our adoption fees barely make a dent in the veterinary bills.

To submit an application, please click here.