Thank You For Your Application!


tucker thanks

Thank you so much for your application for a Little Dogs Big Hearts foster!

Please understand that applications take time to process. Our volunteers work, transport all over North Texas (and even Oklahoma), take care of both personal and foster pets, and try to squeeze in family time and ‘regular life’ wherever we can, so applications can take several days to process.  If you’ve applied close to a major holiday, this is especially true. This doesn’t mean you aren’t important to us- far from it!  We will try to contact you as soon as possible and give you answers as quickly as we can.  It will help us immensely if you contact your vet (if applicable) and give them permission to give us the information we need for the veterinary check. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER! Many times, depending on your email’s security settings, emails from websites wind up being treated as spam, and we don’t want to miss you. If you don’t hear from anyone within two days, please email us at and let us know in case your application somehow hasn’t made it through. As wonderful as technology is, sometimes it lets us down, and we definitely don’t want one of our fosters to miss out on a great home due to a computer issue. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

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